1986 Tokyo University Faculty of Engineering
(Non Graduate)
Personal History
1991-1994 Nakamura & Partners
1994- Kubota Law & Patent Office (E Kubota)
2004- Kubota, Hirai & Kozu
1991 Admitted to the Bar (Daiichi TokyoBar Association)
1993 Admitted as Patent Attorney
Membership AIPPI
APAA (Asian Patent Attorney?s Association)
Japan Trademark Association
Profession Visiting Professor (IP Law)
Law School of Toin University of Yokohama
Papers & Publications “Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace” (Contributor 1999, John Wiley & Sons) (in English)
“Guide to Business Model Patents” (2000, X-media) (in Japanese)
“The “Parker” Case, Parallel import of goods bearing Trademarks” (October edition, 2000, Patent, Journal of JPAA) (in Japanese)
“Intellectual Property Dictionary” (co-author 2001, Sanseido) (in Japanese)
“Patent Disputes in the Real World” (July to December editions, 2002, Nikkei Biotechnology & Business) (in Japanese)
“The trend of Patent Infringement Lawsuits” (co-author 2002, JIII) (in Japanese)
“Copyrightability of Architectural works” (August edition, 2004, Intellectual Property Management, Journal of JIPA) (in Japanese)
“License Agreements and Acts beyond the License” (June edition, 2005, A.I.P.P.I., Journal of the Japanese Group) (in Japanese)
“Trademarks and Tradenames in the Net Age” (2006, X-media) (in Japanese)
Language Japanese, English